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The following page will detail how to use the ordering system so your Almond+ will arrive with you as quickly and smoothly as possible, so please read through it carefully and make sure that all your shipping details are correct.

Signing up

In the morning of Monday the 27th of May UTC+8 we'll be sending out an email to all of our backers that will include a unique link that takes you to an account activation page. All you need to do here is to create a password and click on Activate Account.

Ordering system signup.jpg

Checking your order

Once you've activated your account, you'll be able to check your order. Your order page should look something like the following examples below.

Ordering system order one.jpg

Ordering system order multiple.jpg

If the message says "Your Almond+ is ready to ship!" you're ready to go and don't have to change anything, unless the details for some reason aren't correct. To make changes, simply select from the available options in the drop down boxes and click on "Update Almond" when you're done. The address details are edited by clicking on "View Addresses" which will forward you to a new page where you can update your address details.

Potential order issues

There are four reasons why you'd end up with a "There is something wrong with your order!" message and we've detailed them below.
Note that we have to manually remove these flags/warnings from your account, so if you have a P.O. Box or No address notice, please let us know and we'll update it. For the unpaid shipping, we'll get a notification once it's been paid.

No address

Ordering system no address.jpg

In this case we're missing your address details. Please fill them in so we can ship you your Almond+.

P.O. Box

Ordering system po box.jpg

If your address is a P.O. Box or parcel locker, we won't be able to deliver to you, as the Almond+ will be shipped using a courier service that will require you, or someone else, to sign for it when it arrives. Please update your shipping address to a location where someone can sign for the package.

Unpaid shipping

Ordering system unpaid shipping.jpg

Some backers didn't pay for international shipping and we're not going to be able to ship them their Almond+ without them having done so. Please follow the link in the error message to resolve this if you see the "Unpaid international shipping" message.

On hold

Ordering sytem on hold.jpg

You've requested that we put your order on hold as you might not be at home when we ship the Almond+ to you. Please email us as per the instructions in the message once you're ready to have your Almond+ shipped.

Adding sensors to your order

If you want to add sensors to your order, click on "products" and you'll see the following page.

Ordering system order options.jpg

Here you can click through to get some more information about the various sensors and you can also add them to your shopping cart. Note that the ordering amount can be updated in the shopping cart if you want more than one sensor of a specific type. Please follow the checkout instructions to finalize the order. Your sensor order will be shipped with your Almond+ at no extra shipping cost.

Upgrading colour

We're also offering the option to upgrade the colour of your Almond+, as we've had a fair few requests from our backers to be able to do this. We've included options where you can pay the difference from your base pledge. If you've pledged $129 or more per unit, you'll have an option to change the colour to one of the other options if you've changed your mind for some reason.
Note that once you've paid for a colour upgrade, you need to click on My Account and select the colour you want.