Utilitech TSE07-1

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Utilitech TSE07-1 Siren with Red Strobe/Flashing LED Z-Wave™ Compatible Sold at Lowes

Identical to Everspring SE812

Siren and Red Strobe triggered together. No way to separate them yet, if ever.

User selectable sound level via jumper pin inside battery compartment, 100 or 90 decibels.

Can be powered by battery or DC 6Volt source.

User tested to work with Almond+


Install batteries in Utilitech Siren

Place Almond+ in Z-Wave Add Sensor Mode

Press Siren Test button until you hear beep (1 second), release Test button

Complete Sensor Add dialog on Almond+


If Pairing device to a different Hub, you must perform a Reset by pressing the Pair Button (Test button) 8 times, one second apart.

Then proceed with standard Pairing instructions