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<big>[[Almond+ Beta quick start guide]]</big><br />
<big>[[Almond+ Beta quick start guide]]</big><br />
<big>[[How-To:_SSH_Access_to_Almond+|How-To: SSH Access to Almond+ ]]</big>
<big>[[SSH Access to Almond+]]</big><br />
<big>[[Telnet Access to Almond]]</big><br />
<big>[[Screenshots of the TouchUI (Almond)]]</big><br />
<big>[[Screenshots of the TouchUI (Almond+)]]</big><br />

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Almond+ Beta quick start guide
SSH Access to Almond+
Telnet Access to Almond
Screenshots of the TouchUI (Almond)
Screenshots of the TouchUI (Almond+)