Nietzsche Enterprise WZB-SMG02

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ZigBee Wireless Magnetic Reed Switch l Battery Powered

WZB-SMG02, is a wireless ZigBee Magnetic Switch used to monitor doors, windows or any other 2 sided opening components.
The device is designed to be used in conjunction with any ZigBee Receiver/Coordinator to alert you when a window or door has been opened (i.e. magnetic switch is separated).
The device acts as an early warning mechanism in cases of external intrusion. Periodic transmission of supervision signals is used to confirm system connectivity at all times.
The detector is powered by a standard CR2032 battery which is constantly monitored, with automatic reporting to the Receiver when the battery needs to be replaced.
This device is light, small and wireless making it easy to install and visually discreet.

Available with the ZigBee HA Profile that supports the securifi Almond+ and ModBus RTU for NHR systems.

Please visit the website for more information about the WZB-SMG02