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How to add a USB printer to your Almond+

Basic USB printer support was added in firmware release R069, although for the time being it's hidden away in OpenWRT. One important thing to note is that newer printers might not work, as they start in USB storage mode and install the drives this way, so if you have one of these types of printers, it can't be added to the Almond+. The below instructions were provide by forum user error404 and are provided as is.

Connect printer via USB (duh).

Almond+ web interface -> Advanced -> OpenWRT -> go to Services -> p910nd printer server

Tick the enabled box.

Set device to /dev/usb/lp0

Then add the printer as a networking printer with your Almonds IP address in your computer (there are some short and nice instructions for various OSes here)

The original thread can be found here,2510.msg12268.html#msg12268