Plex: Connecting a Server

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Your computer or server needs to have a static IP address in order for this to work. Look on google to figure out how to accomplish that for your specific situation and then follow the steps below.

Steps for Almond+ Router

  1. Go to Advanced tab on Almond router
  2. Click on Forwarding button
  3. Go down to New Port Forward Entry section type in the following
  4. Rule Name: PLEX
  5. Protocol: TCP+UDP
  6. External Port: 32400
  7. Internal IP Address: This is the static IP address of your server/computer (mine is as shown below)
  8. Internal Port: 32400
  9. Click Add Entry
  10. Click Save

When done, there should be an entry that looks similar to this.


Steps for Plex

Go to the web interface then follow steps below.

  1. Get to the Settings page
  2. Make sure you're in the server section
  3. Go to Connect
  4. Click Show Advanced
  5. Check the Manually Specify Port box
  6. Enter in 32400
  7. Click Update

See below for picture of what it should look like when done.