Wireless Mode Definitions - Almond+

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On the wireless settings screen on the web UI as seen in the image below, there is a pulldown for 'Wireless Mode'.


The names are just a grouping together of all the descriptions of the settings.
Here is how to break that out into something understandable.
11 - 802.11 standard
N - Wireless N
G - Wireless G
AC - Wireless AC
HT - High-Throughput
VHT - Very High-Throughput
10/20/40/80 - Channel width (MHz)

PLUS and MINUS are tuners for the top and bottom halves of the channel spectrum, and are supposed to tune performance.

Here is an Example and what each field means:
11 means 802.11 standard
AC means Wireless AC
VHT means VHT - Very High-Throughput
80 means 80Mhz Channel Width

The following table is a channel width breakdown for Wireless AC, you can find similar things for N:

Spatial Streams 20MHz 40MHz 80MHz
1 86 Mbps 200 Mbps 433 Mbps
2 173 Mbps 400 Mbps 866 Mbps
3 288.9 Mbps 600 Mbps 1.3 Gbps

Since the Almond+ has 3x3 MIMO, the AC connection tops out at 1.3 Gbps (using the 80MHz setting as shown in the table above, thus the 11ACVHT80 setting). This will also be limited by the card in your computer as well: for instance, your card only supports 2x2 MIMO so you can only utilize a max of 866 Mbps.